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Overrated Delivery Service

Project 1, Year 1


Overrated Delivery Service was our first group project developed in the first year at The Game Assembly. It's an endless runner in which you play a sausage delivery truck that rams into everything in its way, leaving chaos and destruction in its path.

We wanted the game to feel juicy and fun.

My Contribution


Our goal for this project was to create a fun player controller, and we achieved it by having a very simple design and just adding effects and feedback everywhere we could. The controls are very simple, you drive straight, you steer left and right, but what makes you want to keep playing are all the effects added ontop of every action you take.

Some of the gameplay elements that I was in charge of were:

  • The player

  • Pickups


The player movement has exaggerated feedback such as tilting the car as you steer.


My biggest work during this project was to create the best UI I could. We wanted to have a "fun" UI, with lots of movement, popping, etc, to go with the crazy gameplay.

My work on the UI includes:

  • Level select, with a level preview

  • Win screen with level summary and an end score

  • Speed-o-meter that syncs with the player speed

  • A level progression bar that displays how far you have left on your level

  • Sausage pickup that pops up and follows an animation curve

Game Over & Loading screen

Using asynchronous scene loading, we were able to create an animated loading screen, and have some fun loading screen tips!

Level select

Used a raw image with a texture projection from a camera in the same scene to create a level preview for our level selection.


Clicking on the sausage van in the main menu causes it to explode.


The game features 3 different environmental settings. The levels were built with prefabs, and the level designers would use the prefabs as modules. I made a tiny tool for the level designers to easily switch between the environmental setting with the press of a button.

Environment Tool

Very simple tool for switching between environments on a level.

Team: Sôsij


Graphical Artists

Level Design


Music & SFX (External)

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