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Project 8, Year 2


Starfall was our eight group project developed in the second year at The Game Assembly. It's a game based on Risk of Rain 2, where you play against endless waves of monsters, collect items and get stronger. It's a rogue-like whiuch means that any death is permanent.

The project was created by 34 students during a 9 weeks period in our in-house engine.

The game can be downloaded here:

My Contribution


During this project, my biggest focus was the boss at the end of each level.

Once you find a portal at the end of each level, you fight the same boss over and over again. The boss starts with a random attack, and as you advance through the levels, the boss unlocks yet another attack, until it has unlocked all four of its different attacks.

Gatling Laser

The boss charges a laser attack at a target location, once fully charged, it will blast that target while trying to steer it towards the player.

Poison Cloud

The boss burps a cone of poisonous cloud towards the player location, making terrain dangerous to walk on for a period of time.


The boss fires a massive mortar upwards, and it explodes into a cluster of bombs that fall towards the player location.

Tentacle Attack

The surrounding tentacles digs themselves underground and appear under the player location.

Main Menu

I created the main menu for this project. It required me to rewrite the UI code that the engine had previously used, because it was mostly hard-coded to work with the groups previous game project. I created a generalized event-based button and slider component class.

Team: CogDog




Graphical Artists

Level Design


Technical Artists

Sound Design

  • André Johansson

  • Leonard Cronholm

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