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Yokai Forest

Project 2, Year 1


Yokai Forest was our second group project developed in the first year at The Game Assembly. It's a mobile puzzle solving game with some story telling elements in it. You play as a blue fox that helps the creatures of the forest with their problems.

My Contribution


I was in charge of some of the gameplay systems in Yokai Forest, such as:

  • Tile-based node system

  • Turn-based gameplay system

  • Dialogue system

  • Camera event system

Auto-connecting Nodes

I built a tool that would automatically connect all grid nodes upon pressing play. This would help speed up level design since they wouldn't have to worry about connecting them manually.

Re-connecting Nodes

Some puzzle elements moves nodes around. The nodes will attempt to reconnect whenever they have been moved, essentially creating a a new map.


In addition to the systems, I created the player and some of the puzzle features.

Dialogue System

With our dialogue system we were able to create events that could progress the game further. Here we display a camera event that shows the player the goal.

Node-based puzzle elements

Everything in the game is based on the node system. Moving elements around like this lamp could only be done on the node grid.

Team: Foxfire Studios


Graphical Artists

Level Design


Music & SFX (External)

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